Niko Romito and Pasta Garofalo project

Some culinary experiences are unforgettable, especially if they come from the creativity of a renowned 3 Michelin stars chef like Niko Romito, a client that we love to fill our brains (and stomachs) with. In this case, in partnership with Pasta Garofalo, the project was to conquer the tables bringing the best of our national cuisine in a simple and affordable way: video-teaching it.

Unforketable is a playful name for a very serious kitchen class, a video-encyclopaedia of recipes taught and shown by the voice and hands of Niko Romito and his brigade. It is a full immersion into Italian cuisine, discovering the basics, the techniques and the secrets behind the food of our tradition. Nothing is too complicated once you grab the key points of Niko’s philosophy: value the ingredients, seek for harmony, choose lightness to get the purest taste, don’t yearn for revolution but enjoy surprising twists. What you’ll get is an experience to remember.
Pasta Garofalo shares the chef’s ideas and joined the project confirming its unconventional marketing strategy. Its product is not the main hero, there is much more than pasta in Unforketable, but quality and passion are indisputable protagonists and this is what Garofalo cares for the most. A successful partnership, active not only online but also at important gastronomic events such as the Salone del Gusto 2014 in Turin and approaching the international market with every recipe available in the english translation.
Creativity wise we tried to transport the DNA of the project also in terms of brand identity and overall visual treatment, from the look and feel of the video recipes to the imagery of the event set up. We chose a graphic approach based on simple and immediate symbols, balanced by the black as the main colour, elegant and refined.
The videos have been studied to focus on the hands of the chef and on the ingredients they interact with, making the process the true star of the show. Exalted by the dark background and made visible by transparent pots and tools, every preparation stands out in its tasteful beauty.