Run This Track

City Activation

Rome is the capital of noise. Sounds from cars and busses passing, people talking out loud, a dog barking, music coming from a window on the first floor, someone humming a tune. To this solid pattern of already existing sounds, together with Nike we added four more tracks created ad hoc by four world famous deejays and dedicated to passionate Roman runners.

Rome is the city with the most alternative routes in the world; you can run forever without ever taking the same road. Streets, avenues, parks, gardens and villas, alleys and subways, raised walkways, cycle paths and viaducts. Go into Villa Pamphili and pop out in the Olimpica area, start from and come to the Foro, have a drink at Nasone at the Villa Ada pond and discover the mosque under Forte Antenne. Julius Caesar, Christopher Colombo, Newton, Queen Margherita and Marx – these are just a few of your running mates, the ways of forgetting tiredness. Just run. Go past the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus, leave Piazza Venezia, Via Veneto, the gyms of Villa Borghese and spinning in the afternoon behind you. Let the clubs of the Lungotevere, Pilates in Via Salaria and the Ring Road go - you’re outside. Welcome to the city of the eternal run. But running is nothing without music and Nike is very well aware of this connection.
Nina Kraviz, Silvie Loto, Marco Carola and Jamie Jones are the four masters of the console involved in this multimedia project tailor made for the city of Rome. Each track, inspired by the city, has been then matched with a urban running itinerary, a Nike shoe model and one of the most influent and dynamic character of the city contemporary scene. Those, leading their crews, became the heroes of four different shootings around the city aimed to frame its different and unconventional souls. The project supported the brand communication across several months conveying the energies of the local runners towards the We Run Rome marathon on December 31st, through an advertising campaigns and several events focused on the relationship between the city, music and training. On Soundcloud, the four tracks have collected more 200.000 plays since they were uploaded and the whole operation gained a great success among Roman communities.