Ostiense District

Urban Art Project

Rome is known all over the world for its ancient splendour. This is both an opportunity and a restraint for the eternal city. On one hand, it is always crowded with tourists, on the other tourists only occasionally cross the boundaries of the center looking for the most contemporary side of the city. How to change this dusty perception of a city, ready to offer much more?

Ostiense District is a project born in collaboration with our partner 999CONTEMPORARY art gallery, specialised in street art. Like it happened to many cities all over the world, Rome is living a period of rebirth of all those areas that only a decade ago were considered suburban and in decline and that today are facing a brand new life. In particular, the attention was focused on Ostiense, an area that goes from the Piramide Cestia ti St. Paul Cathedral and that has the highest concentration of artworks on its walls made by Italian and international artists. The key problem is: nobody knows it.
Together with the gallery curators, we developed several tools aimed to shed a new light onto this district that has the strength to compete with every other roman monument.
A map, marking every piece of art in the neighbourhood, is available printed and online and a system of icons has been developed to support the communication. The outdoor campaign appeared on busses and bus stops, in subway corridors and close to every touristic attraction in town. A dedicated website has been developed, providing all the info, but also giving the possibility to donate a wall or ask for one.
The logo and every other graphic element are based on a grid system inspired by the gasometer, an industrial icon of the area, while a geometrical version of Rome’s map covers the backgrounds. A contemporary language for a contemporary district.