Niko Romito

Communication & Image

Imagine an onion. A simple, common, everyday onion. Then imagine its taste celebrated, brought to the very essence, served with no other ingredient but a pinch of delicate saffron. Just a detail to trigger a poetic explosion. Then imagine that the same person that has conceived such a gastronomic paradox wants a new website. An “assoluto di cipolle” kind of website. And here is how we made it.

Niko Romito is hard to call just a client anymore, he is more like a life companion to Pescerosso. We pride ourselves to be there each time his fabulous career takes a step ahead and each time his universe expands again. Our challenge never really changes, since his culinary philosophy doesn’t. “It has been said that I work by subtraction, that I contour matter before it emerges in its full strength. I’d rather say that I reach subtraction by addition. I stratify to empower the essence. One more brush stroke to obtain a darker black or a lighter white.”
This same subtraction feeling has inspired the creation of a website that is very rich of content but that is also essential, beautiful and functional at the same time. The navigation experience is simplified by great linearity, with every piece of information easily reachable in a few clicks.
Niko Romito’s universe is refined and complex, but it is delivered fully accessible and explorable. So should be his website. So should onions.
Ph. Francesca Brambilla