Nike FootballX

City Tournament

As said by Max Blau, VP Nike Football Footwear, “the popularity of football exceeds the amount of space available to play it”. That’s why in 2014, the brand introduces NikeFootballX, remixing and redesigning some of their iconic boots with small-sided football in mind. Among the top cities selected to launch and support the initiative, Rome stands out as the capital of Italian “calcetto”.

We Italians are very well aware that regular football fields are just the top of a much wider range of playing surfaces. The iconic image of the ball bouncing on every possible terrain, with kids improvising their pitch wherever they are, is printed in our collective memory. Today, small-sided is certainly the version of the game younger players get in touch with first, and it’s time to give it the recognition it deserves. We as an agency have been assigned the task of bringing NikeFootballX into the streets of Rome, leveraging on the international campaign and bringing it to life through matches, tournaments and events.
We involved hundreds of young players all across the city and we left our footprint in it, playing in its every corner until the City Final, when the celebration of the truest soul of football got to its climax.
NikeFootballX is a new and exciting challenge we’re happy to be part of, one more great experience to share.