Luxury Yachts

Mondomarine was facing a rebirth after a change of ownership that had to be enhanced also by a new communication strategy. We wanted to give the brand an identity able to carve for itself
a place at the top of the category, starting from its new positioning and followed by its new look.

Of course the world of super luxury yachts is not really crowded and maybe this is the reason why you can seldom find a coherent communication architecture behind such brands. In this market, the products are the heroes, and we’re fine with that, but we wanted to find a better way to say it, a concept to start from. That’s how we came up with “the next sea level”, the new payoff aimed to deliver in a few words the constant impulse for improvement that is the soul of the company. A new brand identity followed as well as a new communication campaign. We tried to make luxury tangible at an emotional level by stressing what lies behind the desire of a yacht, that is an unbearable attraction towards the sea intertwined with the ambition of seeing your own dreams fulfilled
in the shape you wish.
To evoke these very feelings, for Mondomarine we’ve also created a brand anthem, shot in the Mediterranean and leveraging on the emotional bond between man and sea: a video that tries to overcome the stereotypes of the market category adding a layer of meaning to the brand character.