Made In Carcere

Packaging & Brand Positioning

We’ve been really happy when the first box of Scappatelle arrived at the office (the designer even enthusiastically jumped). The name, the logo and the pack design are all “made in Pescerosso” with a vintage twist and a visual pun that has put the cookies behind the bars.

Made in Carcere is a no profit organisation that aims to engage female and young inmates in working activities. Those inmates who had the chance to work during their time in jail are 80% less keen to be arrested again and this means that it is crucial to find a virtuous way to employ them. That is exactly he point of Made in Carcere initiatives like for example their Scappatelle: little and sweet escapes from everyday prison life through quality bakery.
Also the organisation’s payoff is our proposal, to help them have a strong and “out of ordinary” brand positioning.