Light Paintings

Brian Eno Exhibition

When art asks for communication support it’s always an exciting challenge. Brian Eno’s exhibition in Bari has been a celebration of lights, sounds and colours with its graphic identity sharing the same attitude.

From October 29th until November 14th 2015, Teatro Margherita in Bari had the honour to host, for the first time ever, Brian Eno’s Light Paintings: the exhibition by the English musician, producer and visual artist, connected to the program
of Medimex 2015.
Our challenge was to translate onto paper the essence of Brian Eno’s work, preserving its true identity while teasing public interest. At the same time we wanted to provide the visitors with a memento of the event.
To evoke the relationship of the artist with light we chose to maintain its contrast with the dark environment, proposing a kit of communication material characterised by a black background on which stand out different “moments”
of the dynamic masterpiece “77 million paintings”.
The brochure, besides being an important informative tool, unfolded in an unconventional way revealing on its back a collectable poster of the exhibition. The entrance of the theatre has been customised for the occasion.