IN – Intelligenza Nutrizionale

We are already acquainted with several types of intelligence, we know that analytic skills are important as much as emotional wisdom and that the machine showing you this content is intelligent as well, in it own artificial way. But there’s one kind of intelligence that nobody has focused on yet. Working on this amazing project we discovered the existence, and the importance, of Nutritional Intelligence.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates used to say. This is the opening statement of the new protocol developed by Gioservice together with Niko Romito and Professor Lorenzo M. Donini that aims to provide hospital patients healthy, balanced and tasty meals. This revolutionary innovation improves dramatically the quality of a person’s stay and it is a fundamental support to medical treatment. Plus if food is tasty, it doesn’t get wasted. But how did we help? We found a name to this operation, defining a new field of intelligence, and we gave it a logo inspired to the key diagram of a wise nutrition: the food pyramid. Today the project is still ongoing and we keep working together, communication and design-wise, always putting in it the same care is put in each meal is served under the flag of Nutritional Intelligence.