Garofalo firma il Cinema

Garofalo Brand Entertainment

“What if instead of a commercial, we produce a movie?” Normally clients love to stick to their brief, but Pasta Garofalo has always shown a much wider vision. In this case everything started with the idea that much better than being the ad that interrupts a show, it is to be the show itself. The topic? Naples, a city that fills the heart of the brand and that deserves a better image for the eyes of the audience, told through the voice of Italian and international artists.

Garofalo belongs to a market category in which is hard to carve for a brand a truly distinctive image. With this project, thus, it demonstrates that it is possible to choose a completely different path, wrapping up every brand value (quality, passion, belonging, innovation that celebrates tradition) and injecting them in something beautiful and unexpected, in an emotion.
This emotion had to be connected to the homeland of pasta, close to Gragnano where Garofalo has its plants, in the area of Naples.
A homeland whose image struggles to get beyond its clichéd icons on one hand and its worse, corrupted, dirty and criminal side on the other.
There are many ways to celebrate the soul of a land through its unexpected and less conventional shades, one for each artist invited to give his point of view.
Naples and its taste has been told through Pappi Corsicato’s comedy, Erri De Luca’s words, Valeria Golino’s passion, Terry Gilliam’s visions and James McTeigue’s timeless beauty. Each short film has been aired on Sky Cinema and Sky Arte, La7 and Venice Authors Days.