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Famiglia Cotarella

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Some businesses are families and they grow in the same way families do.
Older brands and products coexist with the youngest generations of marketing and business ideas. Experience leads and slowly makes space to innovation. Famiglia Cotarella was facing a big shift in its assets when we started working together: as communication and design consultants we structured together a new brand architecture giving each brand a specific visual identity.

The family name Famiglia Cotarella is what binds everything together: values, methods and products. Its logo represents an intersection of shapes inspired by the study of the elements conducted by Aristoteles in he 4th century BC and aims to express the intense connection of the company with its environment and with the complex system of relationships that rule the process of winemaking. Under its umbrella are gathered all the other brands of the family divided in three main product lines: Falesco, Cotarella and Liaisons. Each of them has been given both a positioning and identity offering a wide range of proposals spacing from the more traditional approach of Falesco to the constant research for a contemporary taste conducted by Cotarella.

To communicate this new set of propositions, one fundamental window is of course the corporate website. The site, launched in the last days of 2018 is a compendium of everything the company has to say to it customers, ranging from product details to in-winery experiences, from production philosophy to collateral projects. Elegance and clarity of interface frame the rich world of Famiglia Cotarella’s offer.
Along with its new digital appearance, we’ve been in charge also of the Famiglia Cotarella’s look and feel during special events and fairs such as the wine-focussed kermesse Vinitaly where the whole wine world gathers once a year. The same refinement we’ve been looking for since the design of the first logos is brought to life in the brand spaces and will be the leitmotiv fo every further project together.

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