Così Com’è


The way we are raised impacts who we become. How good, how healthy, how safe, how sweet. And maybe because people and tomatoes share as much as 60 percent of the same genes, that’s true for tomatoes as well.
That’s why Così Com’è’s vegetable nursery is the perfect place for a tomato to be born and raised.

The vegetable nursery concept is the creative key of the campaign developed for Così Com’è, a truly genuine food brand whose farming techniques are unique to such an extent that they are not simply a cultivation. The nursery metaphor easily generated a multiple subjects campaign on different media where we can see the brand’s flagship product, the sweet and tiny yellow “datterino” tomato, through the different stages of its childhood to its mature age. A story that allows to highlight every strength of brand’s approach to farming and all the care put into it, following its supply’s chain timeline.