Cantieri Di Pisa

Luxury Yachts

The guiding star of Italian yacht-making universe was missing a brand identity up to its prestige. We provided one, consistently with the true soul of this rich in heritage shipyard.

Cantieri di Pisa was taken over in 2015 by another yacht-making company, Mondomarine S.p.A. The acquisition was followed by a precise strategy by the company owners whose intentions were, and are, to shed new light upon a shipyard born in 1945 and that in the 70s came up with innovations that set a new standard for the whole industry.
These same models are back on the market now, improved and adapted to the needs of this new century. Each yacht produced in Cantieri di Pisa is named after a star: we wanted to leverage on this characteristic while refreshing the imagery around the brand.
A starry sky, brought to extreme graphic essentiality has been a powerful device to create a one of a kind brand and, to accompany the relaunch of the shipyard, we couldn’t choose but a quote from their fellow tuscan poet, Dante Alighieri.
“And then we came forth to see again the stars.”