Calcio e Pepe

Pasta Garofalo Special Project

Neapolitans love Naples, deeply, viscerally and unconditionally. But isn’t there something Neapolitan in each of us that just waits to be awakened? Garofalo, together with Napoli’s player Pepe Reina, believes so and will prove itself right. Opposing fans will be put to the test at the dining table, will they finally admit that Naples has a special place in their hearts as well?

After the successful experiment of Quasi Amici, Pasta Garofalo (sponsoring Napoli Football Club) is ready for a new web series. Each episode of Calcio e Pepe features a celebrity-supporter of a different team facing Pepe Reina, whose mission is to uncover his or hers hidden “neapoletanity”. Sitting around a very special table, the humorous match is commented by the Trio Medusa’s comedians and each episode is built on the spontaneity of Pepe Reina and his guests who are not given a proper script but are left free to enjoy their meal chatting and joking as they would without the cameras. How will it end? Will Naples adopt some new citizens?
This branded content speaks of Garofalo’s key values in every detail (and on many different media). A friendly approach to football competition, the love for the city of Naples, the passion for quality Italian food, everything is delivered in a light and enjoyable way.
A touche de classe is the visual identity of Calcio e Pepe: a little design masterpiece, with a pasta inspired font created ad hoc for it.
Watch carefully, you might discover you’re a bit Neapolitan too.