Niko Romito Project

An explosion of taste and self indulgence, a traditional breakfast or after-party treat redesigned by the genius of 3 Michelin stars Italian Chef. Ladies and gentleman, it’s mouthwatering, it’s unique, it’s a Bomba.

Bomba is tasty, simple, refined, and pretty much round. It’s an old tradition to which has been given a gourmet twist. The product is top quality, affordable and stuffed with the ambition of becoming a trend. We wanted to give it a brand identity able to leverage on all these tempting features, while building around Bomba a distinctive and bold design.
Like in every Niko Romito projects, there’s no room to excessive playfulness. For this Chef, food has to be essential, no matter how complicated its preparation is. That’s why we identified for Bomba the most basic shape, its own, the circle and build on it the graphic pattern that decorates the interiors of the store, the packaging and the other materials.
That’s why the “o” in the logo stands out. That’s why the colour palette is 100% edible, inspired by cream, chocolate, crunchy fried dough, salt and sugar. That’s why the overall look&feeling is homey and welcoming.
Every time we even think of this project, we suddenly feel extremely hungry. Aren’t you?