About us

Pescerosso Comunicazione e Design is young.
It was born in 2008, a year with no remarkable world events. It started with two clients: a design project for Garofalo and a communication project for Nike. Today, 8 years later, Pescerosso is an international vendor for them both while many other clients joined our daily life. (We made a nice collage of all their logos here so you can see at a glance we are really multi-topic).
Pescerosso is a medium-weight studio, with 20 professionals at their desks and some other coming and going. We have talented collaborators that share our same vision, liking each other is the key to success, and we love when a project can involve them as well. This is because feasibility can’t be a limit to creativity and if something has never been done before, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done tomorrow. With every project we work on, we learn something new.
We aspire for true integrated communication, both as thinkers and makers. If we start something, we don’t mainly choose the best destination, we also swim to get there, always following a different path.
We believe that heads and hands (or fins, in our case) have the same weight in building a memorable communication experience.